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Toys for party members Jan 02

The Liberal Democrat members’ website (follow the link from the bottom of the party website) has a new sidebar for logged in members, carrying the latest party news and headlines from the LibDem blogosphere. (This post will appear on Lib Dem Blogs and then in the sidebar itself, making everything remarkably circular.) I’ve also used the newish TheyWorkForYou API to display information about your local MP.

Please drop me a line at if you spot any bugs.

There’s also a new tool: a short piece of JavaScript you can use to get the latest party film from Google Video on your website.

<script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

Which produces this:

You can get a smaller version by adding a width parameter to the code, comme ci:

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”″></script>

Which produces this:

2 Responses

  1. The problem with the bits of “party film” is that the still picture, the very first frame, is so drab. It shows Julia Goldsworthy looking at the floor, has not party logo behing her, has not information abr at the bottom. She needs to start the film, so that the still frame has her looking at the camera, it needs a heading saying “Lib Dem TV” and a party logo. Otherwise, it looks cheap and the sort of thing I could do on an old camcorder.

  2. 2


    Noticed your comment on my blog. Have tried everything but the size of the font remains the same. Even went to the trouble of inserting a duplicate but no joy.

    I have the reduced size version of 250 which fits nicely in the right hand column. I tested the text=off and that works fine.

    The quirk is very strange because it was working perfectly before. Would prefer to have text but will delete it as a last result.