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Hands up if you were on ITV last night Jan 01

I Was There screenshot

Yes, it’s my ITV1 debut, completing a full house of terrestrial channels. Hurrah for YouTube. And yes, I did just point my phone at the TV to get that image: that’s about as hi-tech as I get on New Year’s Eve.

The clip shown, which enjoyed pride of place between David Cameron himself and naughty Sion Simon on ITV’s I Was There: The People’s Review 2006, was very short – you can see the full version here.

5 Responses

  1. 1
    Paul Walter 

    Congratulations Will. Being New Years Eve (champers being opened all over the country and all that) I assume ITV featured your gag with the corkscrew, did they?

  2. 2

    Alas, no. They plumped for a few seconds of the shower scene (Janet Leigh not included). It’s repeated tomorrow night should you wish to see for yourself 😉

  3. Just downloaded it from UKNova. Very impressive 🙂

  4. 4

    As I’ve said elsewhere, I caught that whilst channel hopping and nearly dropped my cheese on toast in shock when you popped up.

  5. When webcameron came on I told Sarah “one of my friends did a spoof of this, it was really funny” and before the words were out of the mouth had to shout “that’s him!”