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On snow, graffiti, McDonald’s and Robert Lindsay Jan 24

It snowed overnight. Unlike some, I’m not a fan. It looks nice enough, but once I start trudging around in it my feet get wet, then cold; the snow melts and refreezes as slippery ice and, as I plod around in my permeable, gripless shoes, I tend to end up on ground, getting even wetter.

The snow did seem to have emptied the bus this morning, which was useful as it also prevented me from repeating yesterday’s walk to work along the south bank of the Thames – no doubt it would have picturesque, but my feet would have been like ice after an hour of that.

Yesterday’s trek, despite being the coldest day of the year that far, was great though. From Southwark Cathedral along to the Palace of Westminster, the route is full of London landmarks: St Paul’s Cathedral, the Gherkin, the Globe, Tate Modern, the London Eye. I passed someone spraying graffiti on a wall near the NFT right next to a group of contractors cleaning graffiti from the next wall along. Such is London.

My plan was to reward my healthy, bracing stroll with a McBreakfast at County Hall (once home of the GLC, now of MSG). When I got there though, it wasn’t yet open, so my fitness regime (such as it is) was unmarred.

I crossed Westminster Bridge, scene of two iconic Doctor Who moments, unable to resist the temptation to play the accompanying incidental music to the latest of those on my iPod as I did. This made me happier than is perhaps normal.

Finally, I reached College Green and passed top TV actor Robert Lindsay (or was it Tony Blair?). Which was cool.

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