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A new type of pavement politics? Jun 01

I was walking along the street this morning when I noticed the word “CELTIC” on the pavement under my feet. Nothing too odd about that: just a bit of football graffiti.

After a few metres, I turned back to take another look. It wasn’t graffiti at all.

A track along the middle of the pavement showed where it had been dug up to lay cables and then filled back in. The newer material matched the original pavement which was scattered with small white stones. The stones in the refilled area had been arranged to spell CELTIC.

While you recover from that bombshell, take a look at yesterday’s and today’s Dilbert strips.

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    If you have a genuine British accent, it doesn’t really work. I’ve worked in the states and unfortunately the women weren’t swooning all over me.

    I think by British accent, they mean, sounds and acts like Hugh Grant.