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Irish Blood, UK entry? Jan 09

One of the disappointing things about the United Kingdom’s entries in the Eurovision Song Contest – apart from, well, their quality – has been the reluctance of mainstream artists to put themselves forward; or perhaps of the BBC to ask them. Given the kitsch and potentially career-ending nature of the competition, it’s not surprising if acts aren’t tempted to risk their careers on it, but even so it’s odd that we don’t see them trying. Every now and again, though, someone shows an interest, and this time it’s Morrissey:

The former Smiths singer said he was “horrified” by the United Kingdom’s latest poor result in the competition. Rapper Daz Sampson could only manage a paltry 19th out of 24 countries in the most recent contest, which took place in Athens in May.

As a result of said trauma, Morrissey has been left troubled, with one issue in particular on his mind: “There is one question that I keep on asking: ‘why didn’t they ask me?’ That question keeps going round my head.”

A Song for Europe (or whatever it’s called now) with Morrissey vs Franz Ferdinand vs The Divine Comedy, say, would certainly be more entertaining than in recent years, assuming they made it past the Radio 2 listeners who choose the finalists. And that Coldplay aren’t involved.

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  1. 1

    Coldplay … pleeez NOOOOO!

    You just need to hit the Morrissey tag on my blog to know my view 🙂

    I am dreaming of a time when…

  2. 2

    I have a radical new theory of European politics. If we just assume that the Eurovision Song Contest is in fact at the centre of the system, rather than the European Parliament, then the picture is simplified enormously and we can do away with many of the epicycles and fudges of the current leading political theories that have been required for so long to explain the erratic motion of MEPs.

    No, no, what are you doing, put the stones down, no, aaarghhh…. [thud]

  3. 3

    Plus, the voting system is more straightforward.