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Love Don’t Roam Jan 15

In the background of the wedding reception scene in 2006’s Doctor Who Christmas special The Runaway Bride, you might have heard Neil Hannon (off of the Divine Comedy) singing a rather good little song. It’s called Love Don’t Roam and was written for the episode.

It’s available on the Who soundtrack album and really should have been released as a single, but hasn’t been. In the olden days, that would have precluded it from entering the charts, but now that downloads can make the Top 40, a concerted effort will get it the exposure it deserves.

So, if you’ve not heard it, go and pay your 79p on iTunes (or your preferred legal download provider), and bask in it’s catchiness; if you have heard it, you’ll already want to download it as I’ve done. (Hat-tip.)

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    I like this song, although i don’t think it is as relavent and catchy as ‘song 4 Ten’ (still squee like a small child whenever i hear that song!) and ‘the stowaway’.