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The English are sick to death of Labour and Tories and spit upon the name of Eurovision May 15

Picked up two singles yesterday: Graham Coxon’s Bittersweet Bundle of Misery and Morrissey’s Irish Blood, English Heart. Coxon’s has more than a passing musical similarity to Coffee & TV and the lyrics sounds like they may have been co-written with a 12-year-old. It’s nice and jaunty though, so that’s OK.

Morrissey, on the other hand, has produced a criminally good comeback single, the crime probably being that it’s only 2 mins 39 secs long. Great, slightly wistful tune, and the pointed and stylish lyrics that made him famous. Easily vying with Franz Ferdinand for Best Single of the Year so far.

And now to undermine that carefully cultivated indie cred by mentioning that it’s Eurovision tonight. I’ve had a flutter but I was quite thrown by the results of the semi-final so I’m not going to try to predict how the viewers will vote across Europe. And I still think we’d do better if had classically-trained actor James Fox representing us.

You can view all the entries on the Eurovision website, which also reveals that research at the University of Leiden has discovered that one of the “most used words by Eurovision fans in connection with the song contest” is “Eurovision”.

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