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Don’t go to Glasgow on match day Oct 09

Unless you’re going to the football, I recommend not trying to get to Glasgow – and even more so not trying to get back out of Glasgow – if Scotland are playing at Hampden Park. From slaloming around the kilted hoards at Edinburgh Waverley at lunchtime to queuing for a train back again at night, to trying to ignore the drunk women on the slow train you finally decide is a better option screaming “I’m on the long train!” over and over again into her mobile phone, it’s not fun.

I ventured to the west for the latest Scottish blogmeet. Along with organiser Gordon and various other familiar faces, it was good to meet newcomers Peggy and Patrick.

Yours truly cueingRichard L and I played an epic game of pool, as captured on camera by Richard B. Neil disappeared off to the football, but returned later to taunt us Englishers.

Despite some transport hiccups (the first train I tried to get was cancelled, most of the FastTicket machines at Edinburgh were out of order, etc.) and a smattering of rain, it was a very pleasant afternoon/evening, so thank you all for your company. Oh, and there was table service from the bar, which was most continental.

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  1. 1

    It was nice to meet you too.

  2. 2

    “Epic”… is that what you call it… 😉

    Ta for coming over, and apologies for the poor planning! Think yerself lucky though, they are twice as noisy when we lose.