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When is a door not a door? Jun 28

No, not when it’s a jar. When’s it’s an “exit and entrance”, specifically on First Scotrail trains.

Passengers safety information is located at the exits and entrances of this train.

Unless I’ve been using the train wrongly (and perhaps I have because I don’t always arrive at my destination on time), there are not separate “exits and entrances”. Passengers boarding and alighting use the same sliding doors, and as the message is intended for those on the train, for whom the doors are no longer entrances, spare us the already overlong train announcements and say:

Passengers safety information is located by the exits.

And while they’re fixing that they might like to look in to the inability of the automated announcer to say “Haymarket”. It’s not a mispronunciation – the word is always completely omitted. As in “This is —” and “This train calls at Linlithgow, — and Edinburgh Waverley.”

4 Responses

  1. 1

    if you take a broom and then replace its handle and then its head is it still the same broom?

    can you stand in the same stream twice?

  2. 2

    a) No
    b) Yes

    And if you want the sound of one hand clapping, I’ll get an MP3.

  3. 3

    It does the same thing for Springfield in Fife. Which is very disturbing when you are going to Springfield in Fife, have never been there before and are not entirely sure you are on the right train.

  4. 4

    Those automated announcements are terrible. Dalgety Bay is often also missed out. And sometimes at Haymarket going towards Waverley it says that the next stop is South Gyle, then goes through all the Fife Circle stations. Often the conductor has to make his own announcement anyway because the computerised one is wrong so often.