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On a train in Linlithgow station Aug 04

…and the brakes are apparently stuck. We were already 11 minutes late leaving Haymarket (precise time courtesy of FirstScotrail’s text alerts, which helpfully tell you when trains are delayed, albeit by a text that usually arrives once you’re already on board).

Ah, we’re now on the move. 20 minutes late for a journey that only takes 30. At least I can moan online.

Update: We’re stuck again.

“This train is a failure,” the conductor told us at Polmont and we all disembarked. I got the impression that he and the driver had been told that problems with the brakes meant that it wasn’t safe to carry passengers. The train then sat in the station for a while before finally pulling out to allow the services behind to pass through. Fortunately, the delay had now passed half an hour so the next half hourly service was just behind. Finally got home fifty minutes late.

Given that I have two train journeys a day, I guess I should be grateful that this sort of thing is very rare.

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  1. Last September I was on a train that took 3 hours to get from Lenzie to Edinburgh Waverly. I’d’ve got there faster on bleeding Raleigh Grifter.