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TextMe TrainTracker(TM) Jan 13

Sick of being given the wrong information by National Rail Enquiries’ phone line? Don’t have WAP on your mobile?

National Rail have launched a new text service, the TextMe TrainTracker(TM) for departures/arrivals information. It costs 25p per text received, plus the standard cost of sending a text to the service.

The short code is 48 49 50. To find trains departing from Edinburgh, you would text:

dep Edinburgh

For trains from Edinburgh to Linlithgow:

dep Edinburgh to Linlithgow

For trains from Lewes to Brighton after 1500hrs:

dep Lewes to Brighton 1500

I tend to trust the automated information more than the call centre, but given some dubious information I’ve seen on the WAP and online departure boards recently, I wouldn’t risk too much on this information being 100% accurate.

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