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Blogmeet Oct 04

Spent a lovely afternoon/evening in Glasgow on Saturday with various fellow Scottish bloggers (yes, I know I’m not Scottish; neither were most of they). Having stopped in at an easyInternertcafé on the way to do a spot of blogging (and to explain the use of word spacing and capitalisation), I arrived at a pub called Babbity Bowster around 3pm. If you like a pub filled with an ever-expanding group of folk musicians playing in the corner and regular interruptions for a cappella* songs – and the pub really was silenced – then this is the pub for you. If you do.

Despite occasionally being distracted out by fiddling (stop sniggering at the back), I had a great time drinking with these complete strangers. There was organiser Gordon (hurrah for Gordon); fellow geek Richard; Gunnella, who taught us Icelandic pronunciation; Chameleon, who taught me the useful German phrase for "My friend will pay" and who, it turned out, I’d seen on University Challenge but a few weeks earlier; Peter of Naked Blog fame, who offered me what purported to be a vitamin C tablet which I gratefully accepted despite having met him ten minutes earlier; Neil, of Neil Writes the World, and Corrinne of Little Blue Teacup. Judging from the match report, I missed Steve and Svetlana, who arrived shortly after I headed off for a Chinese.

Neil has written about Saturday in his Daily Record column. Now, who could have brought up the subject of Doctor Who?

[* spelling corrected via]

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  1. I presume that’s Gordon, one of my fellow mods from

  2. 2

    I missed out on the whole Dr. Who conversation, drat! I see that I have a lot of reading to catch up with over the next while with your reviews 🙂 I only wrote about my favourite episode from the new series, Dalek ( and took some pics with my old camera of the inflatable Dalek, which my son received as a birthday present ( My position is that knowledge of the Doctor should be incorporated into the citizenship test and I indoctrinated my son into Who fandom before there was any serious prospect of a revival (his favourite being Tomb of the Cybermen). Saturday was fun and if you need any more handy German phrases you know where to turn 😉

  3. 3

    Greatly enjoyed myself, still think Christopher E. is the main attraction in the new series, dubious about this new fella, although if they decide to have hime wearing a kilt as previously mentioned that would indeed be the height of cool 😉

  4. 4

    hi there… just officially introducing myself- although for all i know, i just may have stolen your chair that infamous night in glasgow…