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Not liveblogging May 20

I’m not liveblogging Eurovision – better make that clear. However, I have to mention:

  • Switzerland were first up and their multi-national soppy horror If We All Give A Little was as lyrically twee as I thought the first time I heard it. Yuck. If they wanted my vote, they obviously didn’t realise that Give A Little Bit is my least favourite Supertramp song.
  • Moldova’s seems to be a bit of a nonsense song and really doesn’t benefit from the rapping.
  • Israel’s song is utterly inoffensive, although it does do that annoying thing of featuring lyrics in the native language as well as English. Oh, and it’s dull.

Right, that’s enough of that. I can’t enjoy it properly if I’m blogging 🙂

Update: Lithuania continue to take the mick with their catchy chant – and got booed; the UK’s performance was very good; and Greece’s song turns out to be much better than I remember.

T’other update: Well, that was actually a reasonably credible array of songs. Sweden and Ukraine were better than I expected, and Romania and Armenia were also notable. I’m secretly hoping that Finland will win but it’s wide open as I watch dancers dressed as Orville in the slightly surreal interval act…

Final update: Finland it is! Helsinki next year. You can compare the final results with Mike’s predictions and also read his pretty spot-on reviews of the various tracks. The final score table will no doubt shortly be up on the Eurovision website.

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    I think her use of that word was the first and only time Fearne Cotton’s ever made me chuckle.

  3. Feedback from Russian TV talkshow immediately after the contest: distinctly amused at losing to ‘Finnish Donkeys’, blames it on lack of Western culture…

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    Out of the countries i picked, non got 10 points and malta narrrowly escaped nil points by getting 1 point at some point. It made an embarassing drinking game, where everyone got a drink when their country got 12 points and none of mine got any 12 pointers (greece, ireland and israel.) One of our party had Finland, Greece and Bosnia and Herzogovinia, which cleaned up and got most of the 12 pointers. They got *very* very drunk, possibly the drunkest they’ve ever been 🙂

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    Any song with the phrase ‘It’s the Arockalypse’ deserved to win something. Pure Spinal Tap.

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    I have just noticed that your next post may well shove you over the 100000 words mark. are you planning to celebrate? Fireworks? a piece of public art? a stripper?