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Liveblogging Question Rhyme Oct 05

I really don’t like watching Question Time at all
But I have been challenged by Mr Stephen Tall
To follow in his footsteps and liveblog Question Time
And as it’s still Poetry Day, to do the thing in rhyme

At first I refused him, for I need to rest my eyes
But his silver tongue insisted, so I made a compromise
To liveblog for ten minutes, but then the deed is done
(But really, do not watch it – put on channel 301)

So here we go, the time has just gone ten thirty-five
Fingers at the keyboard, I’m coming to you live

This week we are in Bournemouth where the Tory party were
It’s the usual politicians – him and her and her and her
With the “apolitical” one with whom we’re supposed to sympathise
This week played by Hislop, with both satirical Eyes

The format is, as usual, as simple as can be
With questions from the audience, picked by David Dimbleby
The first one’s from a woman whose questioning entails
If Jack Straw was correct with his comments about veils

Hislop thinks it’s fine to ask; women need not comply
Shirley Williams is concerned that the idea might not fly
Sandra Howard is grinning and telling an anecdote
Presumably countering Oliver Letwin with a right-wing vote

Hazel Blears – oh dear, it’s her, I fear I cannot stand it –
Believes that asking is OK, but it would be awful if we banned it
Now David turns to the audience and a man who looks a Charlie
Chaplin, complete with a moustache, and sounds a little barmy
Letwin half-agrees, quotes Straw and calls himself a square
And says that women should put on the clothes they want to wear

A schoolgirl wants to know if that should apply to schools
A Muslim man says different Muslims follow different rules
Hislop is concerned that women can be pressured
Shirley thinks society is changing for the better

The next question is about when policemen are reassigned
With reference to the copper who was moved on safety lines
Blears was Police Minister and has doubts about the story
Hislop makes a funny and gets agreement from the Tory –
Letwin, not the other one, there are two on as I said
But I’ve been here for far too longer – I’m going off to bed.

One Response

  1. 1

    So Will has taken up the gauntlet:
    To liveblog QT in rhyming couplet.
    My hat to him i do doff,
    And eagerly await this show off.

    His task is easy, have no fears.
    There’s the Blairite chipmonk, Hazel Blears,
    With Sandra Howard and our Shirl –
    A fearsome trio, what larks will unfurl?

    The public school-boys are out in force:
    I mean Oliver Letwin and Ian Hislop, of course.
    All will be over in an hour, by which time our Geek
    Will have deserted his post and missed This Week.