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Decisions, decisions Mar 15

Now that I have helped to highlight to curious correlation between Labour donors and people receiving honours by purchasing a virtual peerage, I need to decide what title to take upon my virtual elevation.

Suggestions so far include:

  • Baron Greenback
  • Baron Knights
  • Baron Landscape (geddit?)
  • Baron Howells (of course)
  • Baron Howells of Course
  • Baron Howells of Gallifrey (not suggested by me)
  • Baron Will (à la Geraint Howells) of the Weald
  • Baron Will o’ the Wisp
  • Baron Howells of teh Internets

Further suggestions in the comments, please. I also need ideas for a motto. My current favourite is ad orbis ephemeris publico, which I suspect is a grammatical monstrosity.

And don’t forget to buy your own vPeerage.

5 Responses

  1. 1

    Baron Howells of Laughter

  2. 2

    Baron Howells of Derision

  3. What’s the DDS code for life peerages?

  4. 4

    929.72 is for royal houses, peerages, etc., in the UK and Ireland. Not specific to life peerages though, and more about the history of families.

    328.41 is about the UK legislative process; 328.31 is upper houses generally. We classify reform of the House of Lords at 328.41071.

  5. 5
    Rob F 

    Given that most Barons are known as “The Lord…” how about The Lord Will Smite My Enemies?