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It’s a two horse race May 26

I was out in Kirkstall this evening delivering letters to local voters. There are a significant number of students at the Headingley end of the ward and we were explaining to them why they would be better off electing Liberal Democrats. It’s not just our national positions (opposing top-up fees, taking a principled stance against the war) that are popular: on issues closer to home (tackling landlordism, keeping the streets clean, reducing crime), LibDems in Leeds are ready to take action.

Kirkstall is close to my heart as I lived there for two years, during which time I helped to halve Labour’s majority. We have a really good, hard-working team in Kirkstall who deserve to win; and residents in Kirkstall deserve a hard-working team representing them. With the whole council up for election this year and more and more people disillusioned with Labour’s failings, we have a real chance to change things for the better.

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