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Blogkeeping Sep 08

It’s nearly six months since the switch to WordPress and a springautumn clean and tidy is due. Any preferences as to what stays and goes?

The current reading/listening images take up a fair bit of sidebar space. Should I drop those sections, make them text-only, or keep them as they are? Does anyone use the calendar to find archive posts? Should I go to two column format?

Or, should I keep all the dinky toys and add more? Add a “About me” and “Best of” pages? Maybe put some of my old media stuff online? Make the photos of me bigger? 🙂

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    Sarah Thomas 

    I like that you have the reading and listening stuff… but I use thunderbird’s RSS news feeds bit to read it, so I miss out on it… i like to see it when I come to the site though. 🙂 I like more stuff, personally, but you probably already knew that 😉