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PocketMod Nov 16

Via Make Blog comes PocketMod. It’s a DIY paper-based PDA. Customise which pages you want, print it out, some folds and a snip, and voilà!

My PocketMod

I chose a 2005 calendar, a week planner, a shopping list, a sudoku puzzle, a blank sudoku grid, and some note space.
Yes, I’m having a slow lunch hour.

2 Responses

  1. 1

    he he tried it myself a while back… then realised I´d nevr use it and threw it in the bin…

  1. 2
    Chicken Yoghurt (via Trackback)

    Webjunk: PocketMod

    Mine is eight pages of the game, dots. (I don’t have much to fill a calendar with).