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Celebrity spotting Sep 02

Inspired by Alan, and while I wait for the votes to pile up over the weekend, here’s a fun list of Celebrities I Spotted In Edinburgh.

  1. Stand-up comedian Jo Caulfield, at Stewart Lee’s show
  2. Comedy actor and writer David Walliams (who I also saw in Camden a few years ago) outside the Assembly Rooms booking office
  3. Ben Miller, of Armstrong and Miller, waiting with his suitcase outside the Assembly Rooms
  4. The comedians Tim Vine and Ross Noble in the Pleasance Courtyard

In 2004, I saw Rich Hall, Adam Bloom, Scott Capurro and Ben Moor out and about. In 2001, I saw Robin Ince in the street and Sylvester McCoy in the Pleasance Bar.

2 Responses

  1. I object to the word “comedy” used to describe David Walliams

  2. 2

    hes a genius.