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Edinburgh write-up – interactive! Aug 31

OK, so had a good couple of weeks enjoying Edinburgh shows – most of them over the last weekend. I saw nine in all, which is far too many to be writing full reviews of. So, another NGIAI doomed-to-fail audience interactivity project: which shows do you want to hear about?

  1. Stewart Lee
  2. Richard Herring
  3. Bella and the Beautiful Knight
  4. Simon Munnery’s 2005 AGM
  5. A Night of a Thousand Jay Astons
  6. Ursula Martinez – O.A.P.
  7. Kiki & Herb
  8. David Benson’s Conspiracy Cabaret
  9. Pam Ann

Pick up to three and let me know via the comments (Stewart Lee already has one vote). Once their has been an arbitrary critical mass of votes – or it has become apparent that apathy has broken out amongst my reader 🙂 – I’ll review the winning shows.

6 Responses

  1. 1

    I see you’ve totally disregarded my suggestions – sensible man.

    Thought the 2005 AGM sounds interesting 🙂

  2. 2

    oh will! thats like choosing between cylla and charibdis! do them all!

  3. 3

    Simple question did Stewart Lee do the Diana joke that he’s been doing for at least the last 5 years?
    If so, I’d rather hear about Richard Herring, David Benson and Jay Aston

  4. 4

    Actually, he didn’t. Although he did reuse one old Lee & Herring gag (as he did last year).

  5. 5

    I’m interested in Kiki and Herb, and the Malicious Teddy, and Keri Pakhar, and the relationship between Jack Harkness and Luke Bramley please.

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