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The Two Shows of Saturday Evening Aug 14

Blogging by phone again, this time from Edinburgh. Went to see a play in a bar called Drinking and Writing (Volume II – the first part plays on alternative nights). It’s a literary history of prohibition, entertainingly relayed – complete with audience interaction – by three Americans. Definitely worth a look, even – or perhaps especially – if you know little about early 20th century American literature.

The show I’ve just come out of was Richard Herring‘s The Twelve Tasks of Hercules Terrace. Nerdy but hilarious, I’ve failed to take Rich’s advice to forget CNPS (now on 31). Laughed loads, in particular at the late Norris McWhirter. Also ran into The Actor Ben Moor at the first show. Hopefully didn’t frighten him by knowing who he was. I’ve promised to try to see his show, Black Cocktail. More shows to see tomorrow…

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