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Now listen carefully, 007… Oct 05

Is liking Die Another Day a controversial view?

That question came on up on Twitter this morning so I thought I’d find out pseudo-scientifically. I’ve looked at the Internet Movie Database‘s rating for each film and here’s what the people scoring them say:

Graph of Bond scores - raw date in table

2006’s Casino Royale is the clear winner, and there are a few other interesting notes: there’s a clear early peak at Goldfinger – very much received wisdom – but that’s also the most watched (if we count ratings as viewers) of the early films. OHMSS has less attention paid to it than any of the other official Bond movies.

But what of Die Another Day? It hits a relatively poor 6.0, which you can see more clearly in context from the full data, ordering by score:

Year Film Rating Raters
2006 Casino Royale 7.9 253817
1964 Goldfinger 7.8 77120
1963 From Russia with Love 7.5 47393
1962 Dr. No 7.3 61548
1995 GoldenEye 7.2 114333
1977 The Spy Who Loved Me 7.1 41204
1965 Thunderball 7.0 44021
1967 You Only Live Twice 6.9 40873
1969 On Her Majesty’s Secret Service 6.8 32162
1973 Live and Let Die 6.8 40291
1981 For Your Eyes Only 6.8 39364
2008 Quantum of Solace 6.8 163854
1971 Diamonds are Forever 6.7 41574
1974 The Man with the Golden Gun 6.7 38891
1987 The Living Daylights 6.7 38634
1983 Octopussy 6.6 40163
1989 Licence to Kill 6.5 41075
1997 Tomorrow Never Dies 6.4 82866
1999 The World is Not Enough 6.3 93250
1979 Moonraker 6.2 39503
1985 A View to a Kill 6.2 38112
1983 Never Say Never Again 6.1 30605
2002 Die Another Day 6.0 101478
1967 Casino Royale 5.2 15322

So Die Another Day is easily the least popular of the official canon, even pipped by rotten Thunderball remake Never Say Never Again, and only saved from the ignominy of last place by the presence of the weird 60s version of the movie that’s top of the list.

6.0 isn’t, in the scheme of things, a terrible score, so plenty of people must like the film. Nevertheless, from a Bond fan perspective, yes – going out to bat for Die Another Day is a little bit controversial.

Which isn’t very surprising because it is rubbish.

Anyone have a few thousand pounds to spare? Mar 06

If so, please feel free to vist Bonhams and buy me some of these rather cool costumes from Doctor Who and the James Bond and Carry On films. (Via.)