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Sudoku championship Apr 11

The Independent has this week begun its second UK sudoku championship. To enter you need to send in nine completed championship sudokus grids. These are being printed daily and yesterday’s was the first of fourteen. As last year, everyone who submits nine correct puzzles will be invited to a regional heat where they will compete against the clock. The top 100 will then go through to the final and the chance to succeed Ed Billig as the champion.

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9 minutes Mar 10

Was pleased to complete theguardian‘s “hard” sudoku puzzle today in 9 minutes, so I think I’m returning to form. I managed yesterday’s hard kakuro in 17 minutes, which is an improvement. I still prefer to kakuro to sudoku as it requires much more thought and actual maths.

Sadly, I only found out about the 1st World Sudoku Championship today. (Via.)

Worried about how to classify kakuro? Jan 09

Don’t worry, the Dewey blog have already worked it out:

we would class works on kakuro as we do works on sudoku — at 793.73 Puzzles and puzzle games, not 793.74 Mathematical games and recreations

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PocketMod Nov 16

Via Make Blog comes PocketMod. It’s a DIY paper-based PDA. Customise which pages you want, print it out, some folds and a snip, and voilà!

My PocketMod

I chose a 2005 calendar, a week planner, a shopping list, a sudoku puzzle, a blank sudoku grid, and some note space.
Yes, I’m having a slow lunch hour.