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Podcast! Oct 14

Last night, I went to Thom‘s to record my second guest appearance on the thomyk podcast. I was standing in for Michael Reeve, who’s gallivanting around Asia.

We discussed such diverse issues as WeightWatchers, Boyzone, Trafigura, mints and the iPhone. You can listen on the embedded player here:

You can also listen on the thomyk website or subscribe on iTunes.

And if that wasn’t enough podcasting, this week I’ll be hosting The Pod Delusion – expect to see me plugging that on Friday!

3 Responses

  1. We need to get Pod delusion on Resonance FM – who is the appointed representative of the anarcho-syndicalist commune that is Pod Delusion?

  2. 2

    James – @psythor – is in charge. Just seen you suggest it to him on twitter 🙂

  3. Yes, I guessed. Not yet got a response. Perhaps he assumed that my question was rhetorical? Would you be kind enough to pass on my comments, or better still you might privately send me his email (via the email address attached to this comment – look in wp-admin)

    I thought the show was rather funny. I liked the magazine format. I expect that some tweaks would need to be made in order to fit it into a schedule.

    PS. Do you know about Freethought Radio? Lets take this discussion to email if you want.