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Twitter Updates for 2008-11-01 Nov 01
  • Unlocked all the 50cc levels on Mario Kart Wii. Obviously a productive use of my morning. #
  • Deciding where to see Quantum of Solace, thanks to Lewisham’s dearth of cinemas. Leaning towards the O2. Will watch Casino Royale DVD first. #
  • My video about the US elections is now up on Lib Dem Voice: #
  • Man of simple pleasures that I am, it amuses me that I’m waiting to watch a Bond film inside a Bond film location. #
  • Sony phone ad says “Capture the action” while showing clips of QoS. Later Daniel Craig asks us not to record the film. Make up your minds! #
  • Also had to close my eyes during the several ads featuring clips from the film. They’re spoilers! Don’t show them before the film! #
  • Anyway, enjoyed Quantum of Solace but didn’t think it was as good as Casino Royale. Story meandered all over the place. #
  • @nimbos Yeah, Maria’s dad plays the second most incompetent agent in the whole Bond series. #
  • @Alfie Full version is on E4 tonight. I’m in the zombie crowd running to the gates 🙂 #
  • Bedtime. Ate so much junk today. Have a nice pork joint to roast for a more balanced diet tomorrow. #

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