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Twitter Updates for 2008-09-09 Sep 09
  • @jamesgraham There’s an LHC tie-in Torchwood radio play. #
  • @flashboy It does happen: #
  • Darn it, I’m out of squash. #
  • Apparently there’s a security alert at my home station (Forest Hill). As it’s little more than a hut that’s quite impressive… #
  • Passing under @billt (if he’s still there) into the Tube. Home now, then back out to the IMAX later to see Batman. #
  • @nimbos It came up when I did a journey search. Said it had been evacuated. #
  • @qwghlm I really struggle with First Contact and would put 4 higher. Agree 5 and 9 are worst. #
  • I wonder what noise DNS entries make when they propagate. #
  • @qwghlm I like the campy humour. Whereas I dislike the Data humour. Did you miss Insurrection? #
  • @qwghlm I hate the Gilbert and Sullivan bit in the shuttle… #
  • Apple update: world peace Nov 08, details to follow. No fun gadgets yet. I’m hoping for a device to watch the LHC destroy the planet live. #
  • Looking forward to my first full “IMAX experience”. Been once before but saw a normal film, and think in Bradford I saw a short. #
  • Is it a step too far to have my twittering tube lines add a sad smiley if the phrase “person under a train” is used? #
  • Trying not to eat all the popcorn and pic’n’mix before the auditorium’s even opened. #
  • Dark Knight was very good – possibly the best of the comic book adaptations I’ve seen. Great script and cast. And hyouge at the IMAX. #
  • @HelenDuffett I believe “passenger action” is the wide-ranging euphemism in widest use… #

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