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25 lines clues Sep 05

Update: All the answers are now up.

10 of the 25 opening lyrics remain in my 25 lines quiz. Here are some clues (most info sourced from Wikipedia) as some of them are pretty obscure. 11, 17 and 20 are possibly too hard, but 14 and 18 in particular are gettable.

2. “I pick up the phone, I’m dialing your number while I pray you’re at home, at home and alone”

This single reached #67 in 2002. The band responsible had their first UK hits at the end of the 1980s.

3. “No-one wrote a song for me, just instrumental, not too long”

The same is true of this band – this is an track from their eighth album which reached #2 (and I’m fairly sure at least one person who’s already correctly identified a track owns it).

11. “I can’t see why you’re not satisfied with what you’ve got, it might not seem like much to you, to me it seems a lot”

A very obscure band (no Wikipedia article) from the mid-nineties. Not sure if this was even a single.

12. “Twitching, turning, itching, burning, finding my space, finding my place”

This is a B-side to this indie band’s biggest hit, which reached #2 on its re-issue in 1996.

14. “I’m hearing images, I’m seeing songs no poet has ever painted, voices call out to me straight to my heart, so strange but we’re so well-acquainted”

An album track from the final studio album of one of the biggest pop groups of all time.

17. “We’re on our own we don’t need anyone, we live deep down, deep down underground, it helps us”

Another band too obscure to be on Wikipedia. This song, from their only album, was a single in 1997.

18. “It was pretty bright upon the rainbow bridge tonight, I could see into your window even though you’re far away”

A track from one of this band’s seven albums which also featured on (and presumably contributed the name for) a subsequent EP. The album was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize.

20. “You smell an Eldorado pussycat, and it was a bright grey day”

A band initial known for their bizarre stage shows, this track comes from their second album.

21. “Well I went to a movie with a girl last night”

This was released on the band’s third EP, in 2002, with a session version being a B-side to their next release, which was their first hit single, the video of which references a film that’s just been remade. The next lyrics are this line are the title of the song.

22. “In my mind there’s a face, on my lips there’s a name”

Rather camp disco single from a Canadian singer. It reached #6 in the singles chart in 1977 and took its melody from a song written in the 1960s.

7 Responses

  1. 1

    Others got most of the ones I knew. Bang goes credibility but …

    2 Roxette? can’t remember the title though.

    14 is ABBA – The Visitors?

    18 Belle & Sebatian?

    21 – The Whicker Man clue gave it away – The Coral – Dressed Like A Cow

    Is there a prize?

  2. 2

    Very impressive, Mr F. It is indeed Roxette, and the ABBA track is the right album but a different song. Belle & Sebastian is also correct artist, and 21 is 100% right.

    There is no prize.

  3. 3

    18 is “Wrapped Up In Books”. Funny how difficult it is when you see the lyrics in silent isolation!

  4. 4

    22 is “From New York to LA” – can’t remember the artist, but its a cracker!!

  5. 5

    20. Is it going to be a bit of David Devant? 🙂

  6. 6

    Indeed it is 🙂

  7. 7

    Patsy Gallant!!