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What has it got in its pocketses? Sep 01

Over on Random Acts of Reality, Tom asks “So, your turn now – tell me what is in your pockets when you go to work.”

As this is potentially the Most Exciting Meme Ever, and there’s nothing more suited to getting me to write a blog post than a meme, here’s what I have in my pockets when I go to work.

Front Left Trouser Pocket: My phone

Front Right Trouser Pocket: Cash

Left Outside Jacket Pocket: Keys (sometimes two sets) and usually a writing implement or two

Right Outside Jacket Pocket: My Oyster Card with debit and credit cards ill-advisedly tucked inside, along with some dog-eared business cards and my rail season ticket and photocard

Left Inside Jacket Pocket: My security pass (shh, don’t tell), and usually my passport and under-utilised notebook

Right Inside Jacket Pocket: My iPod Nano

I tend, rather anally, to always have those items in those pockets, so I never wonder where my keys/phone are. Which also goes a fair way to explaining why I usually wear a jacket even when it’s toasty.

What do you have in your pockets?

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