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US President: Who should I vote for? Jan 06

Not that I have a vote, of course, but skipping past that… Via Doctorvee comes a quiz which identifies Democrat Mike Gravel (who he? 77-year-old former senator for Alaska apparently) as my best pick for US President:

77% Mike Gravel
75% Dennis Kucinich
74% Bill Richardson
73% Barack Obama
73% Chris Dodd
69% Hillary Clinton
68% John Edwards
67% Joe Biden
45% Rudy Giuliani
41% Ron Paul
40% John McCain
33% Mitt Romney
31% Mike Huckabee
25% Tom Tancredo
19% Fred Thompson

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz

Obama comes out top of the big hitters, with all of the Republicans trailing the Democrats. Apply the usual health warnings with these sorts of quizzes – they depend on the questions, candidates’ positions will have been estimated, etc.

I’ve also tried another survey which Duncan tried a few months ago. That one also matched me with Gravel, but ordered the big three Democrats with Edwards first, then Obama, then Clinton. Which demonstrates my point about health warnings.