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The Two Doctors Oct 22

There are a few years between them. They each have different styles of presentation. Neither of them has any policies on the economy as far as I’m aware. Erm…
Davison and Tennant (BBC)
As I’m not allowed to comment on the biggest subject currently enveloping the Liberal Democrat blogosphere, I’ll have to appeal to the Doctor Who blogosphere instead. [Obligatory plug: if you’re a Lib Dem supporter, click here to join the party before the end of the month and get a vote in the leadership election.]

This year’s Children in Need is on November 16th and once again there’s a special Doctor Who scene. This one is called “Time Crash” and is written by Hugo Award winner (twice) Steven Moffat. And it features David Tennant and the return of Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor. Which, if you’re a Doctor Who fan, is pretty exciting.

Here’s the story on the official site.

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  1. You’re not allowed to comment on the LibDem situ?

    Hmm. Oh well, if you give us nice tasty morsels like this instead, you’re forgiven from me!

  2. 2

    mmmm something about david tennant yey we luv him