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Don’t fear the Reapers Sep 12

A novel way to get young people to church is being tried out with a special service at St Paul’s in (Lib Dem) Grangetown, Cardiff. The church was used as a location for Paul Cornell‘s Doctor Who episode Father’s Day a few year’s ago, and the series is its means to entice fans in, as icWales reports:

Fr Dean Atkins, youth officer with the Diocese of Llandaff and one of the organisers of the service, said: “The figure of Doctor Who is somebody who comes to save the world, almost a Messiah figure.

“In the series there are lots of references to salvation and the doctor being almost immortal. We are using the figure of Doctor Who as a parable of Christ.

“The language used in the series lends itself to exploring the Christian faith.”
Parish priest Fr Ben Andrews said: “I love the series, and it has such a great following that we couldn’t resist doing something for young people on a Doctor Who theme.

Full story here. I hope you appreciate my restraint in titling this post, when Rise of the Congregation, The Sound of Hymns, Army of Holy Ghosts or Pew Earth were all out there.

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