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By-elections! Jul 18

Hello from the Ealing Southall constituency. The by-elections here and in Sedgefield poll tomorrow, so I’ll be able to get back to blogging about relatively normal things (and be able to take a holiday) very soon.

In the mean time, though, a quick note that Nigel Bakhai’s Southall HQ is very busy with Liberal Democrat members and supporters today but that we can, of course, always do with more help. So if there’s any way you can get here between now and the close of poll (10pm) tomorrow, please do. We’ll be open late this evening and from very early tomorrow morning, so please get across to Southall whenever you can. Directions to the campaign nerve centre are here. And, of course, if it’s easier for you to get to Sedgefield to help Greg Stone’s excellent campaign up there, please go as soon as possible – directions are here.

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