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Kairos May 10

Millennium has written an good piece about Blake’s 7. (The reason for the post is some new audio plays, but it’s worth reading even if – like me – you’re not interesed in them 😉

I mention it for entirely spurious reasons. This passage…

And often when it loses the plot it is because it’s stopped trying to remember what’s going on in the rest of the galaxy. So you end up with something like the DEEPLY EMBARRASSING “Voice from the Past” when everyone forgets that Travis isn’t working for Ms Servalan any more, or the SEXIST DRIVEL of “Harvest of Kairos” which would clearly rather be set in a pre-War Federation and has NO IDEA what Ms Servalan’s personality (or indeed RANK!) is supposed to be!

…reminded me of one of the most memorable lines from the series. Whether it showed a powerful, sexual woman or was just terribly sexist is open to interpretation, but here it is. The context is that Servalan has been snogged by the original Jack Sugden from Emmerdale Farm. Servalan’s line:

There is the question of that degrading and primitive act to which I was subjected in the control room. I should like you to do it again.

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