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Strange Nov 15

I have discovered a TV show being repeated. It features a lead character called Strange who investigates mysteries with a male sidekick and a female friend. It only ran for one series but was well-received and is really rather good. So I’m clearly not talking about risible Saturdatynight BBC serial Strange. Did you see what I did?

This show, from way back in 1968, is called The Strange Report and starred Anthony Quayle as criminologist Adam Strange with Anneke Wills, fresh from Doctor Who, as one of his small gang of crime solvers. Quayle’s character isn’t massively charismatic, action scenes are few and far between and the dialogue isn’t showy, but it’s tremendously watchable. It was so successful that the second series was to be made in the US; when the cast rejected the idea of spending months abroad, the show was axed.

So now you know. Set your telly box to ITV4 at 6pm on Sunday.

3 Responses

  1. 1

    I can remember seeing this when I was 12. I think it was around the time Adam Adamant on the BBC staring Gerald Harper… God I feel old

  2. 2

    This simply confirms that I must invest in a new satellite dish (I am assuming, hopefully correctly, that ITV4 is available on Freeview). Of course, there’s always a possibility it might have been/will be released on DVD…

  3. 3

    Yep, I get ITV4 via Freeview.