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Greetings from Cowley Street Dec 11

So today I have started my new job. It is, as readers of Liberal Democrat Voice will be aware, as Internet Campaigns Officer for the Liberal Democrats.

What I post on politics from now on will be tempered by being a member of party staff (and I have ceased to be an editor on Liberal Democrat Voice for the same reason), but we’ll worry about that as and when. If anything, I’ll post more about work than in the past: previously I avoided doing so almost completely whereas now there will hopefully be interesting online projects to plug from time to time.

I’m working in a third floor office and have already been up and down the stairs several times. At this rate, I will be my target weight by February.

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  1. 1

    Welcome my friend,
    to the show that never ends,
    we’re so glad you could attend,
    come inside, come inside…

    or something …

  2. Best of luck, and have fun! For what it’s worth, I live three floors up a 1950s monstrosity of a student hall of residence – and it’s not making any impact on my waistline …

  3. Sounds like good fun, oh and welcome to the world of having to watch what you say on political issues while blogging, it makes for more creative posts (sometimes).

    As for stairs – I work on the third floor (converted loft) of an old town house. They did put a lift in last year but because it’s an old building it had to be one of those painfully slow platform lifts – much quiker to just walk up the stairs.

  4. 4
    Richard H 

    Have fun!

    I’d stay away from internet campaigns based on “release your inner tosser”. Just an idea. 🙂


  5. 5
    Aidan Brack 


    Congratulations on your new post (as in the job, rather than this entry)! I’m sure you’ll make every success of it and have a lot of fun in the process.

    Aidan (of what used to be ThisIsMyTruth before he got politically restricted by taking a job with the party!)

  6. 6

    Congratulations! Great news, indeed, regarding your new job. I’m quite sure it will be right up your street. I look forward to seeing your work….!

  7. Brilliant news. Many congratulations!