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My diet is impaired Aug 16

To celebrate the successful completion of the latest major software upgrade of our library management system, my boss brought in a cake. But not just any cake…
Dalek cake
If you want one for yourself (and who wouldn’t?), they’re apparently available at Asda. The object at the top right is a little sound box – no prizes for guessing what it says when you press it.

I ate the eyestalk and the “ears”. Mmm, eyestalk.

3 Responses

  1. I believe it was first introduced as a ‘Sainsburys only’ product in early April, then made available to other supermarkets after a couple of months.

    I spent much of the week running up to the 15th of April rushing around trying to find a Sainsburys in London that hadn’t sold out of them. I eventually found one, on the 15th, 68 minutes before Doctor Who started, and just got home in time. It was a present for Richard, along with Doctor and Cassandra toys. Awwhh.

  2. I managed to guess the picture just from reading the post off LibDemBlogs

  3. 3

    My LibDemBlogs game is reading the title and first sentence in my sidebar and guessing which blog it’s from. I have a surprisingly good hit rate 🙂