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Cutting Crime: The Hollywood Years Mar 06

One of the reasons that this blog has been quiet the last few weeks, apart from the usual hectic pace of London life, is that I was travelling up and down the country working on a short film for Liberal Democrat conference. The video was shown at the “We Can Cut Crime” rally on Friday night, ahead of Ming Campbell‘s speech.

There are obviously things that could be improved, but for a low budget film shot on a camcorder with fairly basic sound equipment followed by just one day of editing, I’m fairly happy with it, especially as it was the first time the party has done anything like this in house. Make yourself a cuppa and press play.

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  1. 1

    Only the most oblique reference to campaigns to cut crime, but why is all the presidents men a two disc affair – it wasnt that long. Is the 2nd disc full of interesting stuff about Watergate?

  2. 2

    Hi Will,

    This looks great. Good job!


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