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The last week or so Jun 19

Saturday 10th:
Went to see the musical Avenue Q in London. It officially opens next week but has been in preview since the beginning of the month. It’s Sesame Street for twentysomethings, with a hint of Team America. It’s a funny show with catchy songs, although it’s interesting to ponder how much of the humour comes from having puppets on stage as protagonists rather than coming from the script. The whole cast was great and really brought the muppety characters to life. Definitely worth a visit.

The Richard John BlacklerThursday 15th:
To Liverpool for work (it feels odd using the term “business meeting” as we’re not really a business, but that’s what it was). Took the opportunity to visit the pub – specifically, the Wetherspoon’s across from Lime Street station. The pub is named after the founder of the department store, Blacklers, that used to on the site until its closure nearly twenty years ago. The co-founder was Richard John Blackler, the son of my great-great-grandfather, also Richard John Blackler.

Sadly, there wasn’t any information about the family on the walls amongst the illustrations of Liverpudlian history. According to a very helpful barman, the last time the pub was refurbished some of the furnishings were thrown out, and this included the display explaining the history of the building. In the corner of the pub, though, sits Blackie, the Blacklers Stores rocking horse. And, yes, I am therefore twice as Scouse as I am Welsh.

Angel of the NorthSaturday 17th:
On Saturday, I went down to Durham (hence the photo from the A1) for a lovely civil partnership ceremony, and then on to an excellent reception where I caught up with loads of fanboy mates (bloggers Paul, Jim and Jules amongst them), wittered on about the new series, and danced to ELO.

Sunday 18th:
Watched Doctor Who. I now have my Out of the Blue/Discovery/Time box set on hand and am resisting the temptation to put Mr Blue Sky on repeat.

7 Responses

  1. Can’t wait to see Avenue Q! After all, it’s ok to be gay 😀
    (sorry, I’ve got the soundtrack and have become a bit addicted)

  2. 2

    I had a listen to the soundtrack clips on Amazon, but the American cast sounded wrong to my West End ears 😉

  3. 3

    While in Durham did you (a) pray at the tomb of St Cuthbert (b) visit the Cathedral Library (c) eat chessy chips?

    please advise at once.

  4. 4

    I’m afraid that I’m not into praying, cathedrals or cheese. I do like libraries and chips, but had time for neither.

    Mmm, chips.

  5. 5

    This is why I pray for you every day. And eat chips on your behalf.

  6. 6

    Hi Will,
    I am doing research on my family tree and I was searching info re Blackie the Rocking Horse and thru this link I was searching your blog link appeared.
    You mentioned that Blackie is in the pub in Wetherspoons.
    The reason I am interested in Blackie is that my Great Grandfather Hubert Duffy made the first one that was blown up in the Liverpool Blitz in 1941.
    His son Robert Duffy was also a Rocking Horse Maker and I think he made the second one for Blacklers.
    Where it is confusing is that when I did another search for Blackie it says that it is in Liverpool Museum.
    Would you be able to clarify this as you also mentioned you spoke to the barman in Weatherspoons.
    I would appreciate any info you have about Blackie.
    As I am living in Sydney Australia I have to do all of my research via the internet.
    Thanks again for at least puttig this info on your blog about Blackie.

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