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Environmental pledge pyramid Jun 05

Today is World Environment Day and via Rob and the Liberal Democrats comes an excellent scheme from the Environment Agency. You sign up for certain environmentally-friendly actions that you can take (thinking globally, acting locally, etc.), and their website keeps track of how much you’ve helped. Suggested green pledges include reusing shopping bags and conserving household water.

You can also refer other people, building a pyramid of pledgees, all of whom commit to reducing their environmental footprint. Click here to see how you can help.

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    I couldn’t give up the bath but someone has just installed a washing line in my binyard so i’m going to give that a go. The water while you are brushing your teeeth thing is another easy one. I tick my “local enviromental charity” box already and rarely fly. However I have taken the pledge to make a carbon off set if I do this year. We planted a tree when we flew to cornwall earlier in the year but think we should really have done two.