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Funland May 30

On Sunday night I was in a club in Blackpool which had a free internet café. I hope I gain a little street cred for not logging on and posting a blog entry despite the temptation. I was down for a stags do – my sixth trip to the town but my first not attending NUS conference, having skipped party conference last September.

Yesterday morning I went to the Doctor Who Museum on Blackpool seafront. It’s much more focussed on the “classic” series than the Brighton exhibition (now in Cardiff) with only one room and a few props for the new series. It was nevertheless good fun and full of classic costumes and props. Original Hartnell walking canes were very cool, as were the Melkur and Bessie (I realise this sounds slightly sad). Certainly worth a visit if you’re in the area and a fanboy.

Here are a couple of cameraphone photos from the bit where photography was allowed.

Blackpool TARDIS
Blackpool Cybermen

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    Happy childhood memories. The doctor who museum dulled what I now understand to be the existential horror of Blackpool. Familiy holidays will never be the same again.