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DDC highlights (6) Mar 10

Has it really been a month? More selected numbers, this time from the latest two sets of Dewey Decimal subject mappings.

  • The eyes have it: Peacocks in art – 704.943286258
  • Vicar of Dibleyest number: Clergy on television – 791.456827
  • 100,00 BC: Prehistoric peoples on television – 791.45658
  • “But she hates James Blunt already”: Musical perception in infants – 155.422215
  • Don’t go there: Sin City (Imaginary place) – 741.5973
  • We’re turning Chinese, I really think so: Sinicization – 303.48251
  • The fraud that got away was this big: Phishing – 005.8
  • Beam me up, Scotty: Quantum teleportation – 530.12
  • Fairly long number: Sephardim in literature – 809.933529924046
  • Very long number: Quetzalcoatl in literature – 808.80382997845202113

These large numbers are, however, dwarfed by this monstrosity from the Canadian subject mapping for works about a four-and-a-half month strike at the Versatile tractor plant in Winnipeg:

Buhler Versatile Inc. Strike, Winnipeg, Man., 2000-2001 – 331.892829225209712743090511

Wow. It’s certainly the longest I’ve ever seen. And they say size isn’t everything.

I see they’ve picked this one out at Dewey Towers too.

4 Responses

  1. What is the DDC number for pi?

  2. 2

    512.73, which is the number for analytic number theory, is probably the closest mapping.

  3. That’s just rubbish.

  4. 4

    The closest DDC numbers to pi I can offer are 003.1, which is computer system identification, and 314.15, which is statistics about Ireland.