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Mark Jan 21

I didn’t want him to be leader, and I was hoping he wouldn’t remain our shadow home secretary once the new leader was elected, but I wouldn’t wish this story about Mark Oaten on anyone.

While there were always rumours about Charles’s drinking, this has taken every LibDem I spoke to this evening completely by surprise. What Mark did or didn’t do – as long as it was legal – is none of our business and if he wants to remain in public life, this shouldn’t be allowed to prevent him from returning to the front benches in future.

In the mean time, I hope the media respect his wishes and leave his family alone while he tries to sort this out.

3 Responses

  1. 1

    of course he had to go. if he lies to people he knows, would we get the truth. Also, typically of closet case gay MPs he criticised a sacked judge for the same rent boy drama last year. What goes around comes around.

  2. 2

    This is tragic and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Evene someone I had grown to dislike as much as Oaten. He has resigned and so further press coverage serves to purpose. he should be given time to spend in peace with his family. I agree with will. If his actions are consensual and legal he should be able to continue as an MP and eventual go back to the front bench

  1. […] The issue has been well covered by various bloggers. Stephen Tall makes the very good point of asking ‘why did Oaten stand for the leadership with this hanging over him?‘. Niles’ Blog however is “surprised he feels that a relationship with a rent-boy is reason enough to quit his spokesmanship“. The excellent Will Howells and Jonathan Calder are as usual thoughtful and concise on the issues. Plenty (including Leah Darbyshire who knows the Oatens) are hoping that the journalists give Mark’s family enough privacy and time to work out what must be some pretty horrendous feelings. I agree. The press have their scalp – Mark Oaten didn’t dither over his resignation. Anything else is just salacious gossip, which may shift papers has now ceased to be in the public interest.   [link] […]