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You’re still more likely to be killed on the roads Jul 25

I have returned from my brief trip to London in one piece. I travelled on one bus and made four Tue journeys without being shot by the police blown up by The Terrorists. I got some new clobber while I was there and also picked up this anecdote about a friend’s housemate who showed less resolve in the face of Terror. (I should reassure you in advance that the subject received only minor flesh wounds in the making of this story.)

On Friday morning, having been spooked by the failed bombings of 21/7, he announced that he would be forgoing London’s public transport system and would instead travel to work by bike.

He headed off through Camden and was promptly hit by a van.

6 Responses

  1. I have tried cycling to work recently, but since it’s only instead of walking it’s not a case of LETTING THE TERRORISTS WIN.

    By the way, 21/7, not 14/7. Don’t worry, I always mix up my multiples of 7 too.

  2. 2

    So it is. Doesn’t time fly?

    Now rectified.

  3. Now is that irony?
    (or is it more bronzy or silvery?)

  4. 4

    I see that well known left/liberal organ the DAILY MAIL did a double page spread on the shooting with a very long list of unanswered questions. and a sympathetic editorial as well.

    you no the worlds going to hell in a hand cart when the mail startts to make sense

  1. Perspective

    Here’s a brilliant story from No geek is an island that puts the current threat of terrorism into some sort of perspective…

    I got some new clobber while I was [in London] and also picked up this anecdote about a friend’s housemate who showed le…

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