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Purging the morning grumps Nov 14

What a depressing array of news stories on the BBC site this morning.

Jolie causes stir on Mumbai train
An actress caught a train. Whoop-de-doo.

Bodyguards made sure no one got too close – quite a feat on Mumbai’s crowded transport system.

They would have had the same problem on the train I caught this morning. Not the train I was planning to get, mind, as that – a half-hourly service – was remarkably 34 minutes late.

Leeming bitten in TV tucker trial
OK, a seriously ill celebrity is worth reporting. Oh no, hang on…

Ex-newsreader Jan Leeming has cried after being bitten by ants on the first ‘bushtucker trial’ of reality show I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!

Someone cried. Stop the presses. Hold the front page.

Now another food scare story is of course worthwhile so that we can make informed choice.

Eating large amounts of red meat may double young women’s breast cancer risk, a study suggests.

In other news, eating large amounts of food may make you fat.

Oh, this is absurd too, although I suppose if you can have honorary degrees, you can have honorary rank without it being a slight to those officers who actually have to work for it. When I shout at the radio, it’s almost always the Today programme; today it was for the thoroughly pointless playing of the National Anthem to mark Charles’s birthday which interrupted it as I made my sandwiches.

Train problems + cold weather + rain = me grumpy.

Update: What a way to pass 150,000 words and 800 posts on this blog…

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  1. Trains! Trains! Luxury. try getting on a bus with the usual array of mad backpack wielding students of a moren. Gits.
    But seriously you missed;
    ‘Moss Asks McQueen to Design Wedding Dress’
    Skanky drug addict asks overpaid, talentless waste of space to make her look even skankier than usual for her nuptials to fellow skank.