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Technology trials Apr 15

No blogging the last few days thanks to the failure of anything technical I touch.

My minor phone crisis has not resolved itself and I find myself struggling with a repeatedly crashing Nokia 6600, with a backup older handset for those moment where the 6600 completely gives up the ghost. As I’ve only had it three months, I’m rather peeved and I’m trying to work out whether I should go through the rigmarole of contacting the original retailer or just take it into a Nokia service centre.

Meanwhile, my laptop has decided to refuse to use my phone as a modem via Bluetooth, apparently as a result of a Windows security update. Bizarrely, connections still work (painfully slowly) via infrared, and I can still transfer files using Bluetooth, but I get a “hardware failure” message when trying to dial up via Bluetooth. This could be a phone fault or could be a problem with the Windows settings (although I haven’t been able to identify the problem).

I’m away campaigning this weekend so I’ll put off pulling my hair out over this until next week.

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    I would try a Nokia Service center first, as I’m guessing the retailer will send it off for months to be repaired, but expected to to still pay for the line rental.
    I think the Bluetooth issue is Microsoft, try a bit of Googling, as people in Tech Support are rubbish.

    By the way, this comment textarea box has grown so that when I type long sentances I can’t see some of the words like this one.
    I believe a solution can be found here

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    I had huge software problems with my 7650, and had to have the software reloaded on it twice – bboth times losing all data on the machine. The 6600 is the direct replacement of the 7650 and although the software is less buggy it is still susceptible to crashing and memory problems. I have lots of random warning messages all the time that don’t seem to affect performance.

    You probably can get it sorted at a Nokia service centre – when I have taken mine in they don’t seem to be shocked or taken aback, the only pain is it can take AGES for them to sort it and you are stuck using your emergency phone.

    Alternatively the Nokia website has a pretty good support section for the 6600.

  3. 3

    I have heard and read of similar problems with 6600’s, something to do with memory reaching capacity. If your interest email me and I’ll dig out the article – might be less stressful than the service centre.