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Finding a dentist, part 2 Jul 14

The story continues…

Phone call #5: I call the Stirling number giving to me during my fourth call and am told they can’t answer my question but give me a Falkirk number to call – it’s the number of place who referred me to Stirling. They insist the Falkirk number is the right one.

Phone call #6: I try the old number again. No answer.

Phone call #7: I try again and am quickly given an 0844 number to call.

Phone call #8: Success, of sorts. The answering message tells me that I’m through to the Dental Action Line (Google tells me I would have found the number in this document). I leave a message.

Phone call #9: They promptly call me back to tell me that there are no dentists locally taking on NHS patients. However, they add me to the waiting list and give me a number to call over the weekend (or I can call the Action Line again on Monday) to get an appointment with a dentist to look at my possible infection. Possible result…

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