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Linkfest Feb 25

Just a bunch of stuff I’ve liked on the interweb today.

Index on Censorship reminds us the Prince Charles derided the Human Rights Act only to have his impending marriage rescued by it. His 2001 letter is on the Guardian site.

Cage of Monkeys reports possibly the last speech in the House of Commons from Labour MP Brian Sedgemore.

Have we all, individually and collectively, no shame? I suppose that once one has shown contempt for liberty by voting against it in the Lobby, it becomes easier to do it a second time and after that, a third time. Thus even Members of Parliament who claim to believe in human rights vote to destroy them.

(Via doctorvee.)

Via Metafilter, Desperate Houseflies.

Permalinks don’t semm to be working at Honeytom as I type, but he’s saved me a rant about Stephen Green and Christian Voice, those wacky funsters who think it’s OK to intimidate a cancer charity. It’s the February 24th entry and it’s worth reading to the end so you can taste the irony.

Finally, opinionated music lovers could do worse than take part in Troubled Diva‘s “Which Decade is Tops for Pops?” Compare every song in the Top 10 with the corresponding from 1965, 1975, 1985 and 1995. The decade with the most votes wins. (Found via New York London Paris Munich.)

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