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More on crosswords and the Guardian Nov 17

Further to my previous post, one of last week’s Corrections & Clarifications columns in The Guardian had to clarify, following some concern from readers, that the duplication of clues was, indeed, intentional. The readers in question must be kicking themselves.

I did complete today’s crossword by Quantum, although I resorted to an online dictionary for help. This taught me that an acer is a type of tree and a racer is a type of snake. Favourite clue was “The fault’s in the office, not the Church (8,5)” while the most elegant was “Mixed, as in molecules (13).”

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the paper Alexis Petridis’r review of the new Band Aid single includes a biting summing up of Dido: her “vocal style … recalls a woman distractedly singing to herself as she tries to remember where she parked her car.”

Oh, and Jonathan Calder highlights why Polly Toynbee’s nanny state is undesirable.

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