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Conference takes its toll Sep 22

I’m so tired.

Got to bed around half four last night only to have to be up bright and early this morning to speak in a debate (including writing the speech). That did go well despite my hangover.

On Tuesday, I did a fringe panel as a contributor – first time for me. I talked about the other parties’ higher education funding policies, identifying their pros and cons and outlining some of the best arguments to use when debating them.

I was also roped into doing a panel debate on Five Live. Loads of contributors but, because I was speaking as a LibDem and it was about us, I was able to say more than the previous time I was on a similar panel debate when I manated a couple of sentences. I was in a BBC booth in Bournemouth with John Pienaar, who was pleasant about my performance. I’ll check when I get back to Leeds whether it’s available on the Five Live website.

Jody‘s speaking just before 4pm before she shoots back up to Hartlepool. I’ll definitely be in the hall for that. Oh, and I must mention that The Keetch touched my back the other day. The backache has now subsided. Coincidence, or something else?

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