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Conference Nov 02

I tried sending a blog entry from my phone on the train back from Bristol on Sunday but somewhere along the line (boom boom) it disappeared into the ether.

I was at LDYS conference, where, as chair of the steering committee, I missed most sessions because I was busy ensuring the conference ran smoothly. We had a number of speakers, including new party president Simon Hughes, and it was a pleasure to chair speeches by LibDem PPC Marie-Louise Rossi and fellow blogger and Welsh Assembly Member Peter Black.

On Saturday night, we experienced the dubious pleasures of LDYS members doing karaoke. I did end up belting out a number of songs with other people, and was happy with my harmonies for California Dreaming – although Ryan‘s just played me a video of it on his P910i and it was rather less tuneful than I remember. Perhaps the least said the better though about my, James Blanchard and James Graham’s performance of Paranoid Android – not the most suited to karaoke.

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